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Drugs are bad. ‘Mkay?

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Mike: Cynthia, drugs are bad, ‘mkay? I remember that line from Mr. Mackey on South Park growing up, and now it seems to be the one tenet on which Janet Mills and Paul LePage agree. Is drug enforcement ripe for bipartisan cooperation? Cynthia: Enforcing the law is not bipartisan cooperation. It’s the constitutional duty of […]

Boy toys and Donald Trump

Mike: Cynthia, was Target missing the mark differentiating between boys’ and girls’ toys? Or do hurried shoppers like having aisles sorted by age and sex? Cynthia: Hurried shoppers in Target are usually mothers who feel old and don’t have time for sex. Toys are either fun or not fun, but signs about the ratio of […]

The LePage legal lookback from LePage’s former lawyer

Michael Cianchette

The legal arguments in Augusta are flying fast and furious. Mark Eves purportedly has a (1) lawsuit in the offing, the constitutional contest between the Legislature and executive is playing out over (2) investigations and (3) bonding, while the governor and attorney general have each made their arguments on (4) the proper treatment of 51 bills. I […]