Dazzle Me, Dems

Following the crisis of the 2014 elections, non-Republicans everywhere are projecting their frustrations and failures on the Democratic Party, and who can blame them? I would be ten pounds thinner and rich if only more people liked Mike. I’m sure of it. One tired idea rekindled and kicked around once again is that “southern Maine” […]

Liberal Use of Language

Maine re-elected a governor who speaks his mind, and I sincerely congratulate him. What’s on Gov. LePage’s mind is rarely expressed in politically correct terms, but voters appreciate a man who is passionate and plain spoken. It’s refreshingly authentic. My favorite quote among the colorful collection is, “the minute we start stifling our speech, we […]

Girl Meets Stupid in Maine

Okay, let’s get this straight. When it comes to Question 1 on the ballot next Tuesday, Maine voters are supposed to “trust the scientists” paid by the LePage Administration, and vote “no” to banning the cruel practice of baiting, trapping and hounding bears. Bear torture is the price we must pay to avoid bear attacks, […]

How is a vote for Cutler rational?

Cynthia: Mike, “rational choice theory” applied to politics suggests that self-interested voters will do a cost-benefit analysis in the voting booth and base their choice on which candidate will maximize their personal gain and minimize their loss if elected. Given the polls to date and a recent muddled press conference, how does a Cutler supporter rationalize […]

Much ado about Cutler

Cynthia: Eliot Cutler was recently described by a Boston Globe columnist as a guy “who conveys the sense of someone who believes his superiority as a would-be governor is so self-evident that it’s a little wearying to have to point it out.” When asked the spoiler question, Cutler apparently said of Gov. Paul LePage and Congressman Mike […]