On committees, Cathys, phantom ballots — and a refreshing lack of conspiracy

Cynthia: Mike, a Republican-led committee of legislators in Augusta solved the Senate District 25 mystery this week, and a committee led by Democrats in Washington uncovered torture committed by the CIA. Is committee work back in fashion? Mike: Committee work is rarely fashionable, mostly bureaucratic, and oftentimes boring. Yet, as we saw in Augusta on […]

Will Cathy Manchester keep leading?

The 2014 election isn’t over in Vacationland. Maine’s legislature — charged with electing the Attorney General, Secretary of State and Treasurer — is awaiting the outcome of a state senate race between two Cathys. Democrat Cathy Breen was announced the winner on election night, but Republican Cathy Manchester has more votes after a recount. The […]

Dazzle Me, Dems

Following the crisis of the 2014 elections, non-Republicans everywhere are projecting their frustrations and failures on the Democratic Party, and who can blame them? I would be ten pounds thinner and rich if only more people liked Mike. I’m sure of it. One tired idea rekindled and kicked around once again is that “southern Maine” […]

Liberal Use of Language

Maine re-elected a governor who speaks his mind, and I sincerely congratulate him. What’s on Gov. LePage’s mind is rarely expressed in politically correct terms, but voters appreciate a man who is passionate and plain spoken. It’s refreshingly authentic. My favorite quote among the colorful collection is, “the minute we start stifling our speech, we […]